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Rebekah, is now six years old and lives with the LIFE THREATENING allergy to peanuts and tree nuts.  She is highly sensitive to even micro amounts of the nuts or its residue.  Rebekah can die within minutes of ingesting any amount of the nuts protein and suffers from severe skin reactions, like burns, if she comes into contact with it.

At the age of 9 months old Rebekah was diagnosed with a Severe Life Threatening Peanut and Tree Nut Allergy resulting in an anaphylactic reaction. 

Her first allergic reaction caused swelling of her tongue, throat and nasal passages which cut down her oxygen supply.  Her eyes swelled shut, her lips were swollen and red plus she had several swollen red spots on her face, neck and hands which looked similar to a chemical burn. 

In the six years since she was first diagnosed, Rebekah has had many allergic reactions.  Every reaction has been to an object or person with peanut or tree nut residue on them or food that had been accidentally cross contaminated with peanut or tree nuts.  Even residual amounts can kill her.  She must avoid all contact, even invisible amounts.  Cross contamination is the invisible killer.

Rebekah is now in first grade.  This increases her chances of contacting items and objects that may be contaminated unintentionally by others.  This is why Rebekah is in need of a Peanut Detection Dog.

To help Rebekah, click on the Donation link at the top of this page.  Any amount will help. 

"If everyone would just donate one dollar..." - Rebekah

UPDATE:  October 5th Tinker Bell a fully trained Medical Alert Sccent Service Dog was placed in work with Rebekah. 

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